Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday I thought of You,
Again today I thought it too,
This thought tomorrow comes anew,
Yet here's the funny thing that's true,
Before I even thought of You,
That You were


Of me too.

Psalm 139 vs 13 - 16

(Who would've thought?)


Olivia said...

Oh wow Elaine- this one is super neat!
Short n bang right there.. :)

Loved how you write girl. Leave your blog URL while commenting- becomes easy to trackback- even if you don't, I know who you are. I'll trace you back..

Haah, that's me..
Wishing you a nice day beautiful one.. :D

Love n Hugs

Shannon said...

Praising Him for seeing me even before I had form! Amen!

Jen said...

Sometimes it blows my mind how much He things and cares for me. Down to the number of hairs on my head...

happygirl said...

Thanks for reminding me He is thinking of me even when I don't think of Him.

Bev said...

love this!

Elaine said...

Deliberately wrote THINKING descending like this to reflect Gods thoughts coming down
from Heaven. I really like that thought!

lightverse said...

I also saw the shape of this poem as a bloom. Either way, it totally works and is lovely!

Brian Miller said...

big smiles...playful fun and true...reminds me a bit of nikki giovanni's style...

Anonymous said...

Ah, so sweet, shared thoughts and love! My type of poetry, great one!

Jingle Poetry said...

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Happy Monday!

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