Monday, June 27, 2011

What Hares Hear

Illustration : Clara Burd

I overheard what hares can hear
While sitting in the woods today
They let me sit so very near
And didn't hop or run away
I listened carefully with my ears
And shared with them my favourite lunch
The only sound that I could hear
Was chomp and nibble, crunch and munch!

Mondays Child

Thursday, June 16, 2011

55: (W)Hole

Marvin had a gap between his teeth
a mouth full of cavities, empty pockets,
worn out shoes and a congenital heart defect.

Few family, fewer friends,  always searching
for something.

"Life is full of holes" he would say....

They buried him in another mans suit.
With no holes.

Dead Marvin smiled.

Finally at peace.


 Posted  for Flash Fiction Friday
This week's Magpie is also a 55

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love cycles

like the red sock that inadvertently
 ends up in
the white laundry
you slipped unnoticed
into the centre of my
plain vanilla white world
you were striking and colourful
 boldly stepping into 
the unguarded door 
of my heart.

you invited me to dance
a slow twisted tango
and i blushed subtle shades
of scarlett at the heat
of your touch. 
gyrating, rotating
to the beat of a spinning drum
bleeding all over
me, 'til
i was bled dry

love cooled, 'cause you changed
the choreography
then tossed me aside
leaving me with only warm memories
and a crimson stain
it's a cycle i will repeat
 fully aware that
this isn't normal. i believe normal
is just a setting on
the tumble dryer

Monday, June 13, 2011

Song of the Sea

Crushed by the weight
Of a thousand tides
Into a forgotten
Sandy grave
Granted full resurrection
And protection
From a soul seeking solace
Who finds, that
I am not dead
Nor empty
Within, there is still life
Draw me close, nearer
And listen as I sing
An everlasting love song
Deep into your memory

posted for magpie tales

Between Friends

Illustration: Marion Foster

Between Friends

It says "DOG" on the dish
Oh, but how my friends wish
That perhaps it said Turtle or Bird
For this food sure smells yummy
And right now my tummy
Is starting to make itself heard
I don't want to be seen
To be greedy or mean
Eating all of it would be absurd
There are oodles of noodles
Way too much for poodles
So easily shared into thirds

posted for Mondays Child

Friday, June 10, 2011

E Squared

"Little E" (aka Ethan) who coincidently, is home from school today!

Big E & Little E
My mom and me
When we're together, we
Are so well paired

Sharing our history
A future we cannot see
Can't separate us, see
'Cause we're E squared

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

55: stuck

stuck, and yet somehow coming
unglued at the seams. it seems i
didn''t adhere to the doctors orders
"you have to stick with this" he said
"even if you're feeling better..."
 i tried to solve my problem
with a quick fix, then dissolved
now i'm holding fast, slowly
waiting for the meds to kick in.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Running...The View From (Back) Here.

Today was the worst running day ever.

Sometimes with running, as with anything else in life, you can just inexplicably have a really bad day. Today was one of those sometimes.

As a runner, you can only hope that the aforementioned bad day will happen during training and not on race day. Today was race day.

Today was not an important race. I wasn't trying to qualify for Boston. It was just a local charity race, that I was going to enjoy with Kristi and Elizabeth, two friends who run the same pace as I do. Today should've been a perfect day. I was trained, rested and hydrated. And 15km is my favourite distance. It should've been easy, a no brainer, a cake walk, a walk in the park. It should've been... but it wasn't. Today was anything but easy.

I knew from the get go, that I wasn't going to have a good race, but since it always takes me 5km to convince my body to actually come running with me, I thought I'd eventually just find my groove. But that didn't happen today. I struggled to get to 1km, was falling behind by 2km, and at 3km, I told Kristi and Elizabeth to go ahead without me. They didn't want to leave me behind, but I was holding them back. They suggested that perhaps I turn around and just do the 5km race. No. I wasn't going to do that. My bib said I was running 15km, so that was what I was going to do. Quitting wasn't an option. Neither was walking. I was just going to have to run slowly. Very slowly.

I watched my friends pull ahead and away from me. They kept turning around to see if I was okay. But at around 4km, they disappeared around a bend. I knew I couldn't catch them. My race was over. So I made the shift in my head...this was no longer a was just a run. Time was no longer going to be a factor. There wasn't going to be any chest bumping, fist pumping, personal best success story for me when I got to the finish line. Not today.

I had to change my goal. My new goal was just to finish the race...however long it took.

Dozens of people started to pass me. People who I never normally see. I don't usually see them, because I'm so far ahead of them. Today I got to see what they always see. I got to see the backs of all the other runners.

I soon began to realize, that for some people this is what every race looks like. Every km marker seems like it's located 10 miles away and every hill feels like climbing Everest. Yes, I was struggling today, but some of these runners struggle every single day.

The overweight runners, the older runners, the runners with disabilities or chronic illness, the ones with issues and addictions. And all the runners who are just plain slow. Here I was running alongside them. And some of them were passing me.  

Although I was losing time, I was starting to gain something. Perspective.

Because time no longer factored into my race run,  I was able to talk to the elderly gentleman in his 70's who shuffled along. I was able to chat with an overweight woman who'd already lost about 100lbs. I was able to hug the last woman runner at the turnaround and tell her to keep going. And I was able to run the last km with a woman who had knee trouble.

I saw some extraordinary ordinary people at the back of the race. And I felt priviledged to run with some of them. They are the unseen winners at every single race. And I usually miss them while I'm up ahead. They don't fly around the course in record time. They never make it to the podium. They simply compete to complete.They just want to finish. 

Today will go not go down in my record books as one I can brag about. But if you really want to see my race stats, you can view them here

Today I was at the back of the race. I hope I don't have to be there again, but it was okay to be there, at least just for today. 

Today was just about getting to the finish line. I did that. And in doing that, I met some inspiring people along the way. So I guess it wasn't such a bad day at the races after all.

Catching up with Elizabeth and Kristi at the all important finish line!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Neighbour, My Friend.

The moment I first met you
I could sense that you were good
You welcomed me with open arms
Into our neighbourhood
And soon you came to be, someone
On whom I could depend
You started as my neighbour
But then you became my friend

You shovelled my drive at midnight,
Scraped ice from my car at dawn
I've lost count of the many times
You came and cut my lawn
And for my kids, you happily,
Would bake and give and mend
Our homes had made us neighbours
Our hearts had made us friends

I'll miss your smile, your crazy laugh
I'll miss your open door
Our neighbourhood, won't be the same
As what it was before
I pray only good things, will wait for you
Around life's bend
Makes me sad to lose a neighbour
Breaks my heart to lose a friend

This poem is dedicated to my neighbour Tracey Cash. I will miss you...