Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing Squares

Wow...this morning I logged on, only to find I'd been nominated for an award!

It would appear that I'm a versatile blogger!  Really? Who knew?

So here it amazing (green) square. Thank you Lolamouse for the nomination.

So, in honour of my amazing square (blogger award)

I wrote a square stanza called...Amazing Squares (duh!)


(this poem reads the same horizontally and vertically)

wander   around,     this        way        and          that
around,    every       turn,       too       complex    seems
   this        turn,          is         simple,     not         quite
   way        too        simple       to           be       puzzling!
   and     complex      not          be          in           you
   that       seems      quite    puzzling!    you      amazed?

Now as a condition of my nomination...I have to tell you 7 things about me that you probably don't want to know, but are now obliged to read :-

1. I find it really hard to write free verse.
2. My two sons and I all have the initial E for our first names.
    Collectively we're known as the 3 E's
3. I like most sweet/salt combinations, peanuts & raisins etc...
4. I'll love to  watch Hannah Montana sans children
5. My English accent is still very strong, despite living in Canada for 20 years
6. I probably own more pairs of pyjamas than anyone on this planet.
7. I'm a (very slow) long distance runner...about to do my 3rd Half Marathon

Oh....and I also have to nominate 15 others. I'm working on that. Stay tuned!

Firstly I'd like to nominate:-

1. Charlie Parant over at Appetite for Words, he's an "Amazing" wordsmith.
2. Happygirl over at Being Happy, has an "Amazing" way of making me smile.
3. Check out Lightverse. RJ Clarken, is quite simply "Amazing"
4. You're sure to be Inspired by Lisa, I find she's pretty "Amazing"
5. Please stop by Reflections, some "Amazing" stuff to see there.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My unbalanced theology,
And casual methodology,
Has left this pious Pharisee,
Free falling in a...

It's dark in here, I cannot see,
I'm looking up, can You see me?
So far from where I need to be,
And calling from the...

I know a spring that readily,
Brings living water here to me,
Abundant grace which flows so free,
Can draw me from this..

And back in Your reality
Forgiving arms embracing me,
I'm here with You and You're with me,
I know that all is...

Control Freak

Maybe loud can be persuasive
So you yell and shriek

Maybe controlling the riches
Makes you less weak

Maybe go check out the mirror
Take a quick peak

Maybe you'll see what I'm seeing
A control freak

Posted for Three Word Wednesday loud, persuasive, riches
And for One Shot Wednesday

Monday, March 28, 2011

Underneath That Smile

Since everybody wants to know
What lies beneath my smile
I'm finally going to tell you
What's been secret for a while

The eggs I had for breakfast
They have given me some gas
I know it will be toxic
So I'm hoping it might pass

My underwire push-up bra
To make my chest seem higher
Is sticking in my armpit
And it feels like it's on fire

I'm wearing a new corset
With a scratchy woolen sash
I think that I'm allergic
'Cause it's giving me a rash

I dressed in such a hurry
There's a layer I may have missed
And now I have a wedgie
Got my knickers in a twist

The fastenings on my undies
Have got such an awkward catch
They're tickly and itchy
How I'd love to take a scratch

And there is also one more thing
I think that you should know
I have a tiny bladder
And I really have to go

What's private is now public
You now know what lies beneath
And each and every reason that
I smile and grit my teeth

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Crowds clamour at your gate

Enigmatic portrait

This smiling
For centuries we debate

Not telling?
A secret worth the wait.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Square Stanza

step        across           this         page,        and           I'll
down        and          vertical        yes         you're      write
 this     horizontal        row,           it's           just         you
page,        yes              it's          cubed        O            my
 and        you're            just             O            so         square
  I'll           write             you            my        square    stanza

I first saw this poetic form yesterday. It's called
a Square Stanza. In its true form it will read alike
both horizontally and vertically. Mine has a few
minor variations!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Beloved, how oft dost thou slay me
Upon a bed of wanton splendour?
How oft art thou kisses fierce, yet tender?
I shrink not from thine advance, but 
Hold stance in surrender

Take up thy sword for again we will duel
In retreat, I am felled o'er silken sheets
Locked in combat,  we trade blow for blow
Mine eyes disarm, thine arms disrobe
And whispered words caress a lobe

Shield me with the scent of thy skin
Leave me contorted and quivering
 Under thy tumoultuous touch
Thy beating heart muting the sound
Of our battle cries. As we rise...

 Come thou, release unto me
 The raging fuel of thy fire
 Extinguish my eternal flame, 'til I lay
Parched and drenched, spent,
At the sweet exchange

Full moonlight surveys a carnage
Of twisted limbs ensnared in an embrace
We arise, only to crown each other
 Victorious. This was war
And love conquered

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His was a quiet courage
The purple heart of the boy-man beating
Wildly within an armourless chest
Surrounded by emeritus gladiators who had gathered with
Heroes and champions, each wearing their
Trophies of mutilated flesh
Stories, mightier than egos, relished and
Embellished at every telling
Were suddenly hushed
Into deafening silence

 He bore no sword 
 Shielded only by the faith of his forefathers
 Trusting a God who loomed larger in his heart
 Than the towering Titan before him
His weapons: a slingshot, five smooth stones
And a mustard seed of faith
Taking aim, he found an achilles on Goliath's forehead
And felled the Philistine Giant
Rising as a legend
And a King

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Midnight Mad(Hatter)ness

Illustration by Fernando Falcone

Tiptoe through the trees by the silver moonlight
The Mad Hatters' party is happening tonight
Come straight to the table and pull up a chair
Some interesting people are going to be there
The Rabbit, the Dormouse the Cheshire Cat
Alice and the Hatter, wearing his new hat
You wont fall asleep for there's too much to see
With "Eat Me" cupcakes and some "Drink Me" sweet tea
There's magic and mystery and curious suspense
There's giggling and folly and lots of nonsense
Bring imagination for this special date
It's starting at midnight and please don't be late!

Posted for Mondays Child

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love, Life & Death in Japan

I felt a light breeze across a chasm.
 A tickle.
It stirred the very core of me
 The winds of change brought love, like
 A tsunami and washed us ashore
 Mellow and aging

I felt a tremor within my chasm
A heartbeat
It moved the very core of me
The winds of change brought life, like
A tsunami and washed us ashore
Parent and child

I felt an earthquake across a chasm.
 An 8.9
It shook the very core of me
The winds of change brought death, with
 A tsunami and washed us ashore
Dead and buried

Posted for Three Word Wednesday prompt "breeze, tickle and mellow"
And for One Shot Wednesday

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before & After: A Duet


For a time
I was yours and you were mine
And we shined
Like a myriad diamonds mined
Every border undefined
And all I can remember
Is what I can't forget
Just you and I, a love song
A Duet


What remains?
A gaping canyon in the plains
Are the tears that flow again
Nothing gained
But the wisdom from this pain
And all I will remember
Is what I won't forget
That you and I, we once were
A Duet

Monday, March 14, 2011

Luck O' The Irish

Fair Emerald Isle
Where green eyes smile
May rainbows grant
Three clovered wish

Upon this life
No blight or strife
But favoured Luck
O' The Irish

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Some flowers for my Grandma
To brighten up her day
I hang them on the doorknob
Then knock and run away
Hiding behind the oak tree
I cover up my eyes
But when I hear the creaky door
I'll shout a big "SURPRISE"

Posted for Mondays Child

from HATE to LOVE

it's such a big word   HATE  and to remove hate from this world
       you will need to  HAVE  a force much bigger and stronger. so look up
        higher, above   HOVE  from "hova" the hebrew word for Jehovah, who is God.
                      God is  LOVE  and pure agape love is much bigger than hate could ever be.

* this is a Doublet: a word is changed one letter at a time,
into another and arranged vertically in the poem.*

Posted for Sunday Scribblings word prompt "big"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Right Track

a successful failure
in a bespoke tailored

not quite high school pretty
but with make-up could be

stationed, eyes engage
upon the rush hour

share a married journey
and still travel the same

Friday, March 11, 2011

Me Of Many Words

I am me of many words
There's so much I must convey
Pairing rhythm with some rhyme
In a marriage of wordplay

I am me of many words
Seeing language everywhere
Playing up a verb or noun
Just to lay it down with flair

I am me of many words
Writing poetry and prose
I'm selective with adjectives
Which I place in lines and rows

I am me of many words
With a message to engage
Praying secret silent thoughts
Echo loudly from the page

Yet the me of many words
Finds that there are oh so few
That can fully tell the mystery
And majesty of You

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crying out for mercy

I'm head and body, hands and feet
in all this wholeness, incomplete
I fall before Your Holy seat
just crying out for mercy

I'm skin and muscle, flesh and spine
preportionately packaged fine
the human image of Divine
yet crying out for mercy

I'm soul and spirit, heart and mind
my inner being intertwined
But from within, somehow I find,
I'm crying out for mercy

Now take a closer look at me
whole, or in pieces you will see
I always was, always will be
just crying out for mercy

Posted for imperfect prose

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how facebook killed my closest friend

(a ballad)

come listen to a tragic tale
your ears I hope you'll lend
how facebook crept into my life
and killed my closest friend

now facebook did not wield a knife
or use a gun to shoot her
it simply by osmosis
sucked her into the computer

way back in the beginning
we were both joined at the hip
we had a lot in common
such a great relationship

she clicked "like"on some pages
and her friendlist grew and grew
It got up to the 1000's
'til she knew not what to do

I gazed in awe and wonder
at her popularity
she had so many friends now
that she had no time for me

quite often, almost daily  
we engaged in facebook chat
but one day she went offline
and that put an end to that

then very slowly over time
in subtle ways so small
was less communication
and less writing on the wall

at first I didn't notice
there was no cause for alarm
we still had games of scrabble
and grew stuff upon our farm

the messages in my inbox
well, they soon began to fail
'til I was just a number
in a really mass email

and then upon the grapevine
I received the latest scoop
that my name was omitted
from the mass emailing loop

I still tried not to worry
for there was no need for doubt
I knew outside of facebook
we'd still spend time hanging out

but when I tried to make some plans
you know what happened next?
she didn't call my cellphone
or send message via text 

I wanted to address this
but she shrugged me off to say
"oh let's just meet on facebook
'cause we're on here everyday"

I still "see" her on facebook
I will not lie or pretend
she may be on my friendlist
but I cannot call her friend

now I have lost my closest friend
she's virtually deceased
with no communication
you could say she "rests in peace"
 so, if anti-social networking
begins consuming you
I pray proceed with caution
lest it kill your best friend too.

    Here lies the remains of a
    "One-Sided Friendship"
    Once a close friend.
Sadly you will (not) be missed.

In lieu of spending money on flowers
I will be spending more quality time on
                  my own, which I was doing anyway.                     

The "friend" in this poem is fictitious. Any resemblence to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde

Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde
How come so bad and good inside?
Enticed away by fullest flavor
Culinary cuisine, I'd love to savor
But friends say you're no good for me
That we should not keep company
I've tried disguise with herbs so fine
Why must our love be clandestine?
And so in secret I'll conspire
To bite you hard...I'm no vampire!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Bunny


Somebunny is yawning
And sneaking a look
Somebunny is falling
Asleep in a book

And Somebunny's eyelids
Are starting to drop
And Somebunny's big ears
Are starting to flop

So here's a soft pillow
For Somebunny's head
And I'll read Somebunny
A book before bed

Posted for Mondays Child

Curtain Call

She'd played every part
Every venue. Great and
small. Page two news and
five star reviews. Applause
flowers, final bow, encore
after encore. And now...

This was to be her finest
hour. An unexpected
illness would not upstage
her moment of glory.
So, she rehearsed the
final scene. An audience
of family and closest
friends would gather
by her beside. There'd
be all the drama. Tears
laughter. Right on cue.
And she would shine
centrestage as own her
spotlight was fading.
It would be memorable.

But at her final curtain
call, she exited stage
left, at the bottom of the
stairs. Alone.

Posted for One Shoot Sunday


She fumbled the key in the lock, and it dropped noiselessly on the welcome mat. Removing her gloves, she tried to retrieve the key with her numb fingers. Her hands were cold. Sore. Raw. "Why do I keep doing this to myself?"

She was of course, referring to her habit. Her bad habit. Ringing her hands together over and over, until they were red raw and the blood bristled at the surface of her skin. Painful? yes, but life had dealt her far worse blows.

Back in the apartment, she trailblazed a new road of restlessness. Her anxiety disorder was wreaking havoc on the uneven traffic pile in the carpet.  But she was expecting a call. Now, the waiting game...

Her mind was on rewind, as she reviewed the interview. Wait, interrogation! A panel of five. Three men, two women, for an entry level position?  Really? That was unexpected. She really needed this job and hoped that her personality shone through. Not her hands.

It was tough. She felt like a raw carrot going through the smallest hole of the food grater. Such force, such pressure. Down to the knuckle. Questions quickly coming at her from every side. Over and over. Her past, her present, her future, her inability to keep a job for more than a few months. It was so hot in the room. And her hands were hot too. Burning hot. She was squeezing them.

She couldn't read them. But they read her well. Red raw.

More ringing. This time the phone. Even with the ringer setting on high, it barely registered above the noise of her thoughts. She answered it, completely out of breath, although the handset was well within arms reach. "Yes, this is Jill speaking..."

One of them went on to explain why they offered the job to someone else. To a more "suitable" candidate. She listened, not hearing,  then hung up the phone. "Great" she said. "Just great!"

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Collection

Spring Collection

Put away all the grey and the white - here's the reason
Those boring cold colours, are just so last season
Backstage, underground and waiting to be seen
Are fashionable flowers on runways of green

Sashaying in breeze and shining in light
Parading their colours both subtle and bright
Designer displays of pure petaled perfection
Look, God is unveiling His new Spring Collection

Posted for Friday Poetically

Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Day

Sometimes, dawn comes dancing
into my day as the song sparrow
serenades the sun. A light warm
breeze disturbs the morning dew,
releasing the sweet damp fragrance
of the earth and shakes the slumber
from my senses.
There is a windsong I hear.A tender
tune. A new familiar melody that
harmonizes above the cheerful chorus
of creation. It's a call to commence.
My heart resonates within, and I
waiting, give thanks for the unknown.

The Book

The Book

I see You dressed
in fine leather and
embossed in gold.
My fingers lightly
trace Your spine.
And when I hold
firmly this Truth I
know that You too
are mine.
My backbone and
my strength.

Wearing a layer
of dust today, the
telltale giveway
that I have gone
in search of other
authors with their
more updated
less antiquated
quick fix, readers
digestable versions.
But I find it hard
to draw meat
through a straw.
And I return.

A paradox? Some
would claim. And I
cannot deny, the
apparant contadictions
but my convictions
stand firm in the
belief that I have
found The Way
It is a road map,
and I will follow in
the footsteps of the
One who will lead
me through tears
and blood stained
red letters to the
X that marks the
spot. The Cross.

This mystery that is
Gods Autobiography
and my biography,
both a sword that
will pierce and
liberate my soul.
It is my history and
my future. I will read
the book, on and on
page after page,
losing myself and
finding the lost me
found in the
conclusion that when
You finally close the
book on Revelation, it
will be, my Genesis.

Posted for Theme Thursday and imperfect prose

Thursday, March 3, 2011



limbs lock
hips rock
 Sumo fashion

red hot
lightening passion

his greed
her need
5 minute ration


Yesterday I thought of You,
Again today I thought it too,
This thought tomorrow comes anew,
Yet here's the funny thing that's true,
Before I even thought of You,
That You were


Of me too.

Psalm 139 vs 13 - 16

(Who would've thought?)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Grace

No theory commend it,
No fact can up-end it,
And time can't suspend it,
This mystery called Grace.

No force apprehend it,
No lawyer defend it,
No judgement can bend it,
Love holds it in place.

Lord never amend it,
I'm grateful You send it,
Will I comprehend it,
When I see Your face?

( Gods' Grace... it's AMAZING!)