Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Between The Words

Can you tell me what you're saying
In the space between the words?
During hushed and speechless silence
There are things I haven't heard

In a glance and in a gesture
With a touch or with a kiss
There's a language that's unspoken
That I fear that I might miss

So let's go back to that moment
And we'll linger there, and then
When you say what you're not saying
I will hear it once again

Posted for One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sound of Silence

Silence. It's a wonderful sound. There are times when silence can be the most beautiful conversation between close friends.
Silence can often mean that two people are so at peace with one another and know each other so well, that they don't need to fill the air with unessessary words. Paul Overstreet and Don Schiltz penned it beautifully when they wrote the country love song..."You Say It Best, When You Say Nothing At All..." And who doesn't enjoy the Tremoloes singing "Silence Is Golden"

There are times though when silence can be deafening. I recently experienced that.

I had a friend. I wouldn't say we were really close, but I liked her a lot. We both celebrated birthdays in the same week, and also celebrated our wedding anniversaries on the same day.

She was flawlessly beautiful and quite spirited. She also had a range of musical talents too. But what I really admired about her was her ability to write. She truly had a God given gift of writing. I was quite in awe of her. And although I'm 20 years her senior she's twice the writer I could ever be.

She had a blog. I would read absolutely everything she wrote. Often wishing I could be so eloquent with words as she was. It saddened me though that, most of the time, no one commented on her poetry.

I told her a few times that I thought her writing deserved a bigger audience and that many people would enjoy and be blessed by her writing. I also told her she was my favourite writer. And she most certainly was.

Three years ago, I too started to write. I found that I could write poetry and had a gift for rhyme. But I was a little unsure of myself, since I have no college or university education. I started posting my poetry on facebook so that my family overseas could read my poems. I was a little nervous,  thinking that my friend would read my half hearted attempts, and see that I wasn't any good. But I also wanted to share my new passion with someone other than myself.

Immedietly some of my friends told me that they enjoyed my poems. I enjoyed the compliments. But since my friends were not writers, what I suppose I really wanted was an endorsement from this friend. She commented on my first poem...I was thrilled. It meant the world to me coming from her. After all she was a real writer.

 I started writing more. But as I wrote more and more...she said less and less. In fact, after the second poem, she said nothing.

I never tried to compare myself to her. We're very different writers. It would be like comparing apples and oranges. But I thought that we could encourage one another in our gifts and in our service to God, just as it says in the Bible. 1 Thesselonians 5 vs 11. I did encourage her. Often. She however, was silent.

I decided to start a blog this year. The first thing I did was become a follower of her blog. I was excited to be blogging too. I thought we could share experiences. Again, I would comment on her work. Over and over. Again, she was silent. She didn't follow my blog. Not even to encourage me as her friend. At first it didn't bother me. I found some poetry sites and started submitting my writing. My following grew. I thought my writing wasn't good enough, but then, other writers, really good writers, started telling me that they enjoyed reading my work. Still however, she said nothing.

But the real blow came when did say something. She sent me a note saying "I enjoy visiting your blog a lot, it seems you are very busy writing..."
What? You enjoy my blog? Really? Then why not follow? Why not encourage? Why not comment? Why the silence? This made me so upset.

I stopped following her blog. I stopped encouraging her and commenting about her (very beautiful) baby and family. I was sad about doing this but aren't relationships meant to be give and take?

Last week, we both celebrated birthdays. Although it was hard for me to do it, on her birthday, I sent her a birthday greeting. Three days later on my birthday I waited to see if she would respond.  She did respond. I received from her what I always receive. Silence. She knew it was my birthday and couldn't even find it within herself to say Happy Birthday. So this is Christian love?

"You say it best...when you say nothing at all..." Her silence spoke volumes to me.

I made the painful decision to delete her from my friendlist on facebook. Not because I don't like her and not even because I'm angry. I deleted her because I can no longer listen to the sound of her silence.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

55 Wet and Dry

still hot and slightly damp
she walked naked across
the cool porcelain tile
opening the door, the
clothes now lay piled in a
scattered jumble on the floor
she smiled, a huge grin 
anticipating the thrill of
what was to come next...
'cause nothing beats a
steamy shower and clean
laundry straight from the dryer

Posted for Three Word Wednesday (prompt: grin, jumble, naked )
And for 55 Flash Fiction

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rocking Horse Night Ride

Now three little brothers with blond silky heads
Are grumpy and tired, but won't go to bed
So Mama, who's older and wiser of course
Says "Come for a ride on my magical horse..."

"But first snuggle down, wrap blankets around, 
Then close your eyes tight and don't make a sound,
Listen and you'll hear, up high on the roof,
The soft rocking sound of a magical hoof..."

"First backwards then forwards so gently he sways
Jump onto his back and he'll whisk you away
Past moon and the stars on the wings of the night
As light as a feather, as high as a kite..."

"So dry all your tears it's time you must go"
Says Mama who's waving and waiting below
"He'll canter and fly, then gallop and leap
And take three young boys to the "Land of Deep Sleep"

Posted for Monday's Child

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

forever blue

once I was lavender
cornflower too
like spring, when all is fresh and new,
loves' fragrant flowers around us grew
forever blue
with you

at times I was topaz
sapphire too
jeweled skies yielded treasured views
cloud movies played, only for two,
forever blue
with you

then I was cobalt
and azure too
those liquid pool eyes I dove into
then surfaced, holding your heart true,
forever blue
with you

now I am navy
and midnight too
draped in this meloncholy hue
I wear a sombre point of view
forever blue...
...without you

for you...blue
and posted for One Shot Wednesday

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Saint from Sinners

Saint Assisi
humble holy man
are you carved
into immortality
by the hands of
sinful men
deeply in the
endless pursuit
of tranquility
and peace?

A Pair for A Pair

We're happy, excited
Surprised and quite smitten
We're each of us getting
Our own little kitten

For once in our two lives
We won't have to share
We're doubly blessed
There's a pair for a pair

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Foot Files, from Sole to Soul: A Mile In My Shoes.

I saw this picture on a blog this week and it literally caused me to stop in my tracks.

You see I'm a little bit of a complainer. I just didn't realise how much I complained. And all of this complaining in one week. And all of this complaining about shoes.

First, I complained about the pile of shoes that greet me every morning when I come downstairs and everytime I walk through the front door of my home. Hardly inviting is it?

Welcome to the Spalls...

Secondly, I got all upset because my son needed a shoebox for a diorama project at school. Of the four shoe boxes I had at home, none were suitable so I had to modify one (it took a pair of scissors, some glue and approximately 5 minutes of my day, but boy did I complain about it!)

Then, I was irritated at the fact that I've worn a hole in my favourite pair of black flats and can't find anything even  remotely close to being as comfortable or as cute as these shoes are.

Loved these shoes...wished I bought two pairs.

Then, my son came to the mall with me (for Mother's Day) and spent his time at the Apple Store, while I walked around and around  looking for shoes by myself (Happy Mother's Day Elaine!!!)

To make matters worse, I left the mall without any shoes because, out of the two pairs I actually liked,  I couldn't decide which ones to buy.

I'm also still a bit upset that I haven't been able to wear my running shoes that I got for Christmas, because it's been too wet and rainy and I don't want them to get muddy.

I just know my new shoes will make me faster...

I'm running the Mississaua Half Marathon next weekend and I'm trying for a personal best and my old shoes sometimes give me shin splints. Have you ever tried running 13 miles with shin splints?

Whine whine whine...complain complain complain...


Then I remembered the picture. I wonder how much she complains...

I wonder if she complains about all the "shoes" littering the dirt floor of her home?

I wonder if she has anything of value. Would it even fit into four shoeboxes. One box?

I wonder what choice she has when she wears a hole in her favourite shoes? Does she go barefoot?

I wonder which pair of "shoes" would look cuter on her feet. Dasani or Aquafina?

I wonder if she worries about getting mud on her shoes?

I wonder what's her personal best time shuffling around in those shoes trying to get food or water for her family?


. Sometimes there are no words.

All I can do is offer up a tearful prayer for a faceless, shoeless, perhaps even homeless woman. I ask that God will send someone along to bless her from the top of her head, to the soles of her feet. And also I say a prayer of thankfulness. I thank God that I don't have to walk or run a mile in her shoes.

For more on the Foot Files click here

Friday, May 6, 2011

55. Happily Ever After

The two friends sat huddled whispering
over half filled wine glasses.
"I still can't believe he's dead at forty five..."
"Well, they say alcohol and diabetes dont mix"
"I don't know what to say to her..."
Beth walked into the kitchen.
"Why the long faces?
Raise your glasses and say
"Cheers"...to the merry widow!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You are saline messengers of unspoken emotions.
Perfectly self-contained within a transparent
droplet. Customized for every occasion.
In haste you exit, finding a place of rest and
solace in the company of loved ones or empathetic
strangers. Absorbed by a brand-name or
discreetly veiled behind a hand.
Sometimes you fall silently. More often
accompanied by a low moan or heaving
sobs. In your wake, reddened windows
and a streaked visage. Yes, we all know
you were here.

Liquid salt, what an enigma you are

At times I bid you come, please come. And offer
at least some temporary relief, for pain fresh
and new. Yet I fail to summon you.
But today you trickle steady and true and
I could fill an ocean with you. A slow constant
stream through the rhythm of the day.
So do your work of deep cleansing and healing
in this, my sorry soul. And flow until you enter the
distant city, my Heavenly Home, where there is
no sea. Then finally "A Mighty Hand"  will
wipe every last one of you...away.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mother's Love

An invisible
Umbilical cord, that can
Never be severed

Posted for Magpie Tales

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Illustration by Cicely Mary Barker

Oh little fuzzy buzzy bee
You softly sip and sup
And drink the sweetest nectar
From each pretty petalled cup

Oh little fuzzy buzzy bee
 My secret shared with you
I drink from magic Dixie cups
'Cause that's what Pixies do