Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You are saline messengers of unspoken emotions.
Perfectly self-contained within a transparent
droplet. Customized for every occasion.
In haste you exit, finding a place of rest and
solace in the company of loved ones or empathetic
strangers. Absorbed by a brand-name or
discreetly veiled behind a hand.
Sometimes you fall silently. More often
accompanied by a low moan or heaving
sobs. In your wake, reddened windows
and a streaked visage. Yes, we all know
you were here.

Liquid salt, what an enigma you are

At times I bid you come, please come. And offer
at least some temporary relief, for pain fresh
and new. Yet I fail to summon you.
But today you trickle steady and true and
I could fill an ocean with you. A slow constant
stream through the rhythm of the day.
So do your work of deep cleansing and healing
in this, my sorry soul. And flow until you enter the
distant city, my Heavenly Home, where there is
no sea. Then finally "A Mighty Hand"  will
wipe every last one of you...away.


Christine said...

Tears are so cleansing. This was beautifully described.

Brian Miller said...

yes one day there will be no more need...and some days a good cry is the best bit of cleansing...

Cindy said...

Beautifully put! It is so good to embrace our tears!

LauraX said...

that first line just wrapped around my heart Elaine...beautiful!!!

Joybird said...

love this. I wrote about tears yesterday, too. Haven't published yet, but inspiration just erupted.

So do your work of deep cleansing and healing
in this, my sorry soul.

So true, I don't know how, but this is true.

life or something like it said...

so beautifully written.
I love this.

Cathy K said...

Beautiful. And I'm repeating like a chant the heartfelt phrase 'saline messengers'...

Kati patrianoceu said...

Oh yeah, I could use a day like that! So beautiful stated.

emily wierenga said...

i have shed a lot of these tears today. thank you for this beautiful reminder that one day, all will be okay. i am so grateful for you, dear elaine.

Sheila Moore said...

I love every line - so beautifully written. I have been told that every time we cry we let a little more of God in :)

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