Sunday, March 20, 2011

Midnight Mad(Hatter)ness

Illustration by Fernando Falcone

Tiptoe through the trees by the silver moonlight
The Mad Hatters' party is happening tonight
Come straight to the table and pull up a chair
Some interesting people are going to be there
The Rabbit, the Dormouse the Cheshire Cat
Alice and the Hatter, wearing his new hat
You wont fall asleep for there's too much to see
With "Eat Me" cupcakes and some "Drink Me" sweet tea
There's magic and mystery and curious suspense
There's giggling and folly and lots of nonsense
Bring imagination for this special date
It's starting at midnight and please don't be late!

Posted for Mondays Child


Greyscale Territory said...

Love the rollicking rhythm of this fun poem! Beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love it Elaine. What a beautiful bouncing rhyme!

Brian Miller said...

iam late i am late for a very important fun to sit at the mad hatters table...

Reflections said...

Wonderful rhyme scheme... Fun take on the prompt.

JL Dodge said...

Man this was great !from the start to the finish ! WELL DONE !

signed...bkm said...

I will be there...and I will not be late...if I am lucky I may see Johnny Depp writing Elaine...thanks for joining in...bkm

lines n shades said...

" Tiptoe through the trees by the silver moonlight " ... i love that line. wow :)

lightverse said...

Elaine - great rhyme in the retelling of a classic, but with a sweet warmth that - well, it makes me feel invited. I won't be late! ☼

Lyn said...

A perfect time for a tea sounds like the most fun!

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