Friday, March 11, 2011

Me Of Many Words

I am me of many words
There's so much I must convey
Pairing rhythm with some rhyme
In a marriage of wordplay

I am me of many words
Seeing language everywhere
Playing up a verb or noun
Just to lay it down with flair

I am me of many words
Writing poetry and prose
I'm selective with adjectives
Which I place in lines and rows

I am me of many words
With a message to engage
Praying secret silent thoughts
Echo loudly from the page

Yet the me of many words
Finds that there are oh so few
That can fully tell the mystery
And majesty of You


Marinela Reka said...

And you played with words soooooo beautifully, love it :)
Short Poems

Mary said...

Enjoying your poetry and interplay of words - 'in a marriage of interplay'.

Loved the FaceBook poem!

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