Thursday, March 24, 2011

Square Stanza

step        across           this         page,        and           I'll
down        and          vertical        yes         you're      write
 this     horizontal        row,           it's           just         you
page,        yes              it's          cubed        O            my
 and        you're            just             O            so         square
  I'll           write             you            my        square    stanza

I first saw this poetic form yesterday. It's called
a Square Stanza. In its true form it will read alike
both horizontally and vertically. Mine has a few
minor variations!


Brian Miller said...

crazy...saw this as well yesterday...mind blowing....nicely played...

Elaine said...

Approach it mathematically, the poetry comes a littles easier then!

Shewriting said...

awesome, Elaine!!! I like the variations...changing it to "horizontal" when reading it across and "vertical" when reading down...nice twist!

Lolamouse said...

EEK! My brain doesn't work that way! How did you do that? Very cool!

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