Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Control Freak

Maybe loud can be persuasive
So you yell and shriek

Maybe controlling the riches
Makes you less weak

Maybe go check out the mirror
Take a quick peak

Maybe you'll see what I'm seeing
A control freak

Posted for Three Word Wednesday loud, persuasive, riches
And for One Shot Wednesday


signed...bkm said...

Always a lesson to learn "controlling" we all want to control something..if only ourself and even that at times becomes a full time job...thank you...bkm

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

interesting take on the prompts I like what you wrote

Ren said...

Sharp! Very sharp.

Kim Nelson said...

Very nicely written, Elaine!

Brian Miller said... tell em the attitude...

anthonynorth said...

Very nicely done, with a great ending.

Anonymous said...

The louder we shout, doesn't make the argument any more valid, or the reality any less than it has this obsession with control, though. Also: check your title, noticed you're missing the "r" in Control!

Anonymous said...

so well said...we have all known control freaks
and have been on the 'controlled' side...excellent description.

ThomG said...

very well put, glad she notices.

Anonymous said...

Maybe loud can be persuasive...but most of the time it isn't. This was very well done...and well describes the type! Vb

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