Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before & After: A Duet


For a time
I was yours and you were mine
And we shined
Like a myriad diamonds mined
Every border undefined
And all I can remember
Is what I can't forget
Just you and I, a love song
A Duet


What remains?
A gaping canyon in the plains
Are the tears that flow again
Nothing gained
But the wisdom from this pain
And all I will remember
Is what I won't forget
That you and I, we once were
A Duet


moondustwriter said...

A thoughtful piece and true to form as duets go. while they are in the midst of the song they are glorious - if only you could keep the song going ...

Thanks for sharing with One Shot

lori said...

Relationships can have so much beauty and still cause so much pain. I like the musical component, two people blending to make something lovely. In the second part, I liked, "A gaping canyon in the plains Uncontained..." Those lines are a good picture of the loneliness and isolation one feels after. Nicely done :)

Brian Miller said...

oh...so desolate on that other side...you paint a vivid very real picture that invokes great feelings...

LauraX said...

A perfect circle...It seems to me much was gained, even in the loss. Beautifully written Elaine.

~Sarah~ said...

You and I were once a Duet.

I really enjoyed your poem. Who has not been there?

Shashi said...

Dear Elaine

Your two parts are so intertwined with powerful imagery.. I liked it so much. Your rhyming is almost musical.. nice .

ॐ शांति ॐ
Om Shanti Om
May peace be... pray for People of Japan
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