Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Bunny


Somebunny is yawning
And sneaking a look
Somebunny is falling
Asleep in a book

And Somebunny's eyelids
Are starting to drop
And Somebunny's big ears
Are starting to flop

So here's a soft pillow
For Somebunny's head
And I'll read Somebunny
A book before bed

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Jingle said...

love bunny tales.
well done.

Catherine Denton said...

Awww, so sweet. Makes me think of my little somebunnies.
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Jinksy said...

Lucky Somebunny! LOL

Lisa said...

Elaine this is absolutely adorable. Short and sweet and easy to remember.

"Somebunny" here in Colorado LOVES IT!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful childrens poem...this should so be a book...get you an illustrator and get it done...

Deborah said...

Perfect!! I just loved this :o)

Sherry Irvine said... cute! very sweet xo

Elaine said...

Inspired by our pet rabbit Stuart (aka Rabbit Stew...and trust me he's been close to swimming with the carrots and celery!)

signed...bkm said...

That is so cute Elaine..just delightful...Somebunny obviously got sleeply...nice writing..bkm

Christine said...

Really liked this!, wish I had a toddler to read this to in my house it would make a wonderful little rhyme to say before each bedtime reading.

lightverse said...

This is such a sweet, gently, darling poem! It's the kind of rhyme I would read to my kidlets when they were little (just like my mom did with me!)

lissa said...

very sweet! have a wonderful day.

Lyn said...

Just adorable..and I love his name!!

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