Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Neighbour, My Friend.

The moment I first met you
I could sense that you were good
You welcomed me with open arms
Into our neighbourhood
And soon you came to be, someone
On whom I could depend
You started as my neighbour
But then you became my friend

You shovelled my drive at midnight,
Scraped ice from my car at dawn
I've lost count of the many times
You came and cut my lawn
And for my kids, you happily,
Would bake and give and mend
Our homes had made us neighbours
Our hearts had made us friends

I'll miss your smile, your crazy laugh
I'll miss your open door
Our neighbourhood, won't be the same
As what it was before
I pray only good things, will wait for you
Around life's bend
Makes me sad to lose a neighbour
Breaks my heart to lose a friend

This poem is dedicated to my neighbour Tracey Cash. I will miss you...

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