Tuesday, June 14, 2011

love cycles

like the red sock that inadvertently
 ends up in
the white laundry
you slipped unnoticed
into the centre of my
plain vanilla white world
you were striking and colourful
 boldly stepping into 
the unguarded door 
of my heart.

you invited me to dance
a slow twisted tango
and i blushed subtle shades
of scarlett at the heat
of your touch. 
gyrating, rotating
to the beat of a spinning drum
bleeding all over
me, 'til
i was bled dry

love cooled, 'cause you changed
the choreography
then tossed me aside
leaving me with only warm memories
and a crimson stain
it's a cycle i will repeat
 fully aware that
this isn't normal. i believe normal
is just a setting on
the tumble dryer


Brian Miller said...

nice...the sock in the whites permeating everything is a great metaphor for a relationship...cold end though in the tossing...nice write.

G-Man said...

Some personalities are so strong, they simply take over everything...

lori said...

Oh, this is really nice. That red sock works it's way in both good and bad ways :)

LauraX said...

so creative Elaine...I love this!

Anonymous said...

Nice creative expression. Enjoyed your piece.

CM said...

I really like your use of metaphor here. yes, I've been put through the rinse cycle a few times back in my dating days!

PS. when you go to comment, be sure NOT to check the "stay signed in" box. I've read where other bloggers have said that will make it so you can leave a comment. Hope that helps!

wurdz said...

nice way to say that he took over your entire world.that sock is a strong analogy.great write!been there a few times.honestly,as a man,that line would've been slow coming to me.

Timoteo said...

Really clever...especially the last stanza.

Anonymous said...

how darn clever of you.. colors..ha, i have read this twice and just think how clever ..somethings are so powerful (or we allow them to be)they overshadow things..well done

Elaine said...

Some lessons hurt to learn.

Radio Nowhere said...

The sock monster does more than eat socks, it would appear.

A spiffy and clever write, Elaine...


Pat Hatt said...

Yeah some take over leaving the others just all to gather and either follow or leave, great use of imagery too.

Leslie said...

i love your artful and creative touch here...

Kim Nelson said...

One of your best, Elaine! Terrific play with red. Bravo!

Mad Kane said...

Love it. Could be my favorite of yours.
Mad Kane

ayala said...

Creative and clever.

Jinksy said...

Brilliant, blogpal!

Andy said...

Great imagery Elaine.
I like your creativity!

Here's mine:

Jen said...

Wow! I absolutely love this! So appreciate your writing style. We write similarly. Looking forward to reading more.

A new follower,

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