Tuesday, April 5, 2011

three small words

won't you say it
and then say it like you mean it
and move your hand away
i don't want you to screen it
in front of witnesses
so others say they've seen it
baby say it
say those three small words
to me

won't you say it
make it pleasing to my pallate
hey, no pressure
i don't want to use a mallet
choose your own words
let's not take this to a ballot
baby say it
say those three small words
to me

don't buy a card
and tell me Hallmark says it better
don't put your feelings
in a long well-worded letter
don't buy me underwear,
or flowers or a sweater
baby say it
say those three small words
to me

you think by gesture
there's some way that i might know it
or maybe "date night"
is the modern way to show it
just say it simply
you don't have to be a poet
baby say it
say those three small words
to me

you vowed it once
but now i think that you might fear it
and if i hint
you just avoid and won't go near it
but i'm a woman
sometimes women need to hear it
won't you please...
please say those three small words
to me

(i love you)


lori said...

I always enjoy reading what you have to say :) And, I can't stand the Hallmark card with only a signature at the end either. I like, "...but now i think that you might fear it and if i hint you just avoid and won't go near it..."

Thanks for sharing!

anthonynorth said...

Such important words. Nicely done.

Timoteo said...

That was precious.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i feel you on this...i love you...the best poem ever written, even better when spoken...

Christine said...

words are so much more powerful than trinkets and the like. Great words.

Andy said...

Amazing how much power love has. I mentioned this to another blogger earlier in the week...Saying "I love you" can be the sweetest sound. It can heal a wounded heart, but can also be meaningless, if lies & deceit are hiding behind those words.

Elaine said...

True Andy...these three little words have to be said with meaning, from an honest heart otherwise they are meaningless!

KB said...

The words are easy to say but they mean nothing if not said with truth. Enjoyed your One Shot.

Leslie said...

this sounds like a song to me...

Mad Kane said...

Lovely message, well expressed!

Mad Kane

Olivia said...

Beautiful word flow Elaine!!
I love you for such a delightful worded poem!

Hugs xx

Elaine said...

Yeah I suppose it does have a musical flow. Maybe it's a love song!?!

Pete Marshall said...

i love you....there i have said...and now i am going to say it to my wife...well written poem..cheers pete

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

(I love this) :)

Jinksy said...

I can imagine this working as a song lyric. Loved the verse about the Hallmark cards - so clever! :)
(P.S. Hope you got my reply to your email? Love, Pen x)

wurdz said...

so many people need to read this and take heed to the importance of communication.truly lovely.

RMP said...

beautiful...though I must admit that part of me was waiting for some twist to the obvious three small words...well done!

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