Friday, April 15, 2011

Three Questions to God - Easter

Dear God

If Jesus said "33...
Is too young for me
To die on a cross"
Where would we be?

If Jesus said "Take from me..."
In Gethesemane
"No!" to Calvary
Where would we be?

If Jesus said selfishly
"For humanity
there's no eternity..."
Where would we be?

I just wondered...


Jannie Funster said...

Could I have done what Jesus did? No, I think I'm too weak.

He was amazing, still trying to comprehend all that love.


Mama Zen said...

Thank God that he didn't!

Elaine said...

Amen to that. A lot was riding on Jesus following through with God's plan.

Brian Miller said...

he worked it...his will, not ours...even he thought it was tough and asked if there was a way it could be taken...but then followed through...

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