Tuesday, April 12, 2011

reality bites

in my reality, you were
silent but growing more
distant and remote, yet
while i held the control
all was well with me, in
my reality...

you're in the family room
face like a flat screen and
i'm going to need some
subtitles to understand
what's showing, but i hit
pause 'cause i need to
channel my energy into
what you were viewing
last night. "So You Think
You Can Dance your
way outta this...?"

you're in the bedroom
throwing stuff in a bag
and i'm throwing out
accusations "i heard
you had a great time
last night Dancing With
The Stars!  i thought it
was just the guys going
for beer and wings?"
you're tuning me out.
i turn up the volume.
"what about the cute
all American Idol you
were seen with? "you're
just a bunch of Gigolos"

you're in the bathroom
looking for a razor
a toothbrush, an exit
biting your lip. perhaps
i should bite mine. no!
"blonde or brunette?
she didn't sound like one
of The Girls Next Door.
then came the Mythbuster,
you slipped the ring from
your finger and set it down.
"it's over... for good this time."
and suddenly i felt all the
control slipping from my

you're running down
the stairs and i'm staring
down at you and clawing
back some of the control.
so i try rewinding a bit,
suggest an Intervention,
y'know some counselling.
you smile, but somehow i
know it isn't because i've
said something  funny.
"An Extreme Makeover
couldn't save us now"...

you're getting out 'cause
you can't stand the heat in
Hells Kitchen. you want
to try The Bachelor life.
everything goes static. my
heart is pounding thumping
harder, faster. running The
Amazing Race inside my
chest. i can't breathe and
 i can't speak. i'm mute...

i'm on my knees crying
begging pleading needing
you to hear the words i
can't seem to get out ,but
i've lost all control. i so
want to be the lone strong
Survivior that gloria gainer
says I should be, but i come
over all Desperate Housewives
instead, 'cause deep down
i already know that i'm
The Biggest Loser and i
want you with me forever
 i try to stop you leaving
and i'm pulling, grabbing
your maple leaf hockey
Jersey. Shore this is my
dose of new reality. and
it bites. hard!

*There will be a change to tonights scheduled broadcast. Please stand by*


Elaine said...

And how many reality shows do you see?

LauraX said...

Wow Elaine, what a perfect weave!

Brian Miller said...

wow...nice weave of tv culture through out a very sad tale...dont know if he will make syndication...

bumfuzzled said...

unique and fresh. glad I stopped by. like brian said, "nice weave" :)

Monty / bummy

anthonynorth said...

This was great in message and treatment.

Leslie said...

i am so impressed with this. such a sad story, but such a clever way of telling it...

Soraya said...

What a brilliant way to tell a life story.
Thanks for let me read it :-)

Andy said...

WoW! Brilliantly told.

G-Man said...

I think that soon you'll be a Survivor fan!!

Charlie Parant said...

very nicely pieced together,life moves ahead as long as you don't get caught up in the reruns.

Jinksy said...

That was a clever selection of buttons you pushed...

signed...bkm said...

What a great weaving Elaine...I do not watch any of them...but I do watch Hockey...and the Playoffs start tonight...and I have my Penguins Jersey, but I am not at any shore....nice writing..bkm

Jannie Funster said...

What an awesomely original poem!!

Don't need any Station Identification to know Elaine's poem channel rocks!!

Elaine said...

I don't watch any either (except American Idol when they've weeded out all the ones who can't really sing)I had to google popular reality shows just to write this piece!

Lisa said...

A very very fun post. I like your versatility girl.


Anonymous said...

the motif of TV shows holds this piece together well. Great one shot

Luke @ WordSalad

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