Monday, February 28, 2011

Can I Be Your Facebook Friend?

Can I Be Your Facebook Friend?

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
Friendship's new reality
And we'll celebrate our union
For all cyberspace to see

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
'Cause this friendship is unique
We can hold a conversation
And we never have to speak

If you add me as your friend
I'll accept of course, and then
I will sit here on your profile
You won't hear from me again

I'll respond to applications
Just to be polite and nice
And then so you don't forget me
I may poke you once or twice

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
It would mean a lot to me
And it's easy making friends with
People I will never see

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
Our relationship is neat
I can virtually hang out with you
And never leave my seat

I can comment on your status
Or a photograph that's new
And in voyeuristic fashion
Follow all you say and do

I will send you gifts and candy
Try so hard to keep you sweet
In the hope you never cut me off
Or (God forbid) DELETE

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
In a game of cat and mouse
I can hide behind my profile
And not ever leave the house

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
This relationship makes sense
'Cause I'm really very, very nice
And such low maintainance

If you ever hurt my feelings
I will say nothing at all
But I may show I'm offended
With a message on your wall

I will say it doesn't matter
I'll pretend that I am fine
And in order to avoid you
I can just appear offline

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
Because here's a clever twist
Even if you do not like me
I'll still look good on your list

Can I be your Facebook Friend?
'Cause now friendship is a breeze
You don't even have to know me
Just accept, then add me....please!


happygirl said...

I LOVE this one. I swear, if it wasn't for fb I'd have NEVER started blogging. Fb is such a non committed relationship. If I EVER use this poem (can I?) I promise to credit you. I LOVE it.

Elaine said...

Facebook has redefined the meaning
friendship. I love facebook most of
the time, but enjoy "poking" a bit
of fun at social media from time to

Happygirl...feel free to use it with
a credit.

Kim Nelson said...

This is great. I am SO careful regarding who I friend on FB.

Tess Kincaid said...

Clever one! I'm so into networking on FB right now. I've made some great connections with fellow poets in recent weeks.

Elaine said...

Tess, I agree fb is essential for networking. I too would never have found out about blogging if it wasn't for fb. I was actually making a bit of fun of myself with this piece, and the lengths I went to, to make my friendlist grow. Sad but true!

Lolamouse said...

This was TOO FUNNY! That's why I refuse to get a FB account. I don't want to deal with the whole "friends" issue. You expressed it perfectly!

Brian Miller said...

ha...nice...unfortunately i gave up FB about 3 months ago or i would friend you...too much drama for me...

signed...bkm said...

This is great and exactly what FB is has a few goods things...but not much....great writing...bkm

Leslie said...

Hahaha! Great fun, and also a bit sad in its realities...

Gloria said...

This is so clever! And I'm sooo glad I still have all my real live, flesh and blood friends! ;) Enjoyed this fun look at our new reality!!!

Timoteo said...

Cute take on the neediness of all of those "friends."
P.S. I deleted my Facebook account...the shallowness of it all!

Charlie Parant said...

Funny and so true, Elaine...I have used FB to help promote poetry, music and just general wise-ass this and would be happy to "friend" you!

Christine said...

I'm not on FB but alas I'll have to get it when my son goes off to University and I will want to have contact with him. I'm slowly learning the terms, like poke and creeping. It all sounds icky to me. Great write, enjoyed it immensely.

rebecca said...

I liked this very much, hehe! It just sums it up so eloquently. I never, ever friend anyone in fb i do not know. Unlike the blog, where we are a community of writers and want to follow each other's writings, fb is a little more personal and i'm not keen on those that do not know me "poking" into my private life. that's where i draw the line.

very, very well done!

Olivia said...

lolss Elaine
"Friend" happens to be the most loosely based term being used today.. I enjoyed what you wrote- nice shot ;)

Enjoy your weekend
Love xx

Shashi said...

Oh I agree with you so much, Elaine on the friendship of FB. Some times its all about having numbers..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Steve Isaak said...

Timely, fun, solid, LOL work.

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