Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's the Point?

     (A few pointed God.)

Is it, that you are I AM. Firmly anchored ashore upon solid rock. The silent voice, quietly heard above the crashing chorus of wind and waves. Deep calls unto deep. Is that the point?

Is it, that you breathe into the breakers, whisper above waves, speak into the swells and turn the tide into waters of redemtion. Reclaiming souls, that would otherwise be lost for all eternity, in the depths of the dead sea. Is that the point?

Is it, that you are captain of the wayfarer and castaway, the shipwrecked and stowaway. Every un-seaworthy sailor, who has turned away and hidden below in the hull.  You invite them aboveboard, leading them by light, on foot, across troubled waters to an exquisite upper cabin. Heaven. Is that the point?

Is it, that you flood the night with searchlights, seeking that which was lost. Your eyes, sweeping the farthest corners of the horizon. Relentless. Exhaustive. You are Father, shepherd, bereaved...'til at last...a son, a lamb, a treasure. Heralding a reunion of much rejoicing. Is that the point?

Is it, that  as You illuminate the encroaching day of reckoning, You become a beacon, beckoning. Calling us home. Is that the point?

Is it, that through dawn of daylight, turn of twilight, midst of midnight, You are starlight.  Your shine, eclipsing moon and sunlight...O Bright Morning Star. Is that the point?

Is it, that when sunset succumbs to a sepia glow. Your eyes light up, to let me know.  As present as through  morning light. So will You be through depths of night. Is that point?

Is it, that you are a faithful lover. Patient. Wading the waters. Waiting.  For an unfaithful lover to U-turn to you. Is that the point?

Is it, that you are the bridegroom, awaiting his bride on her maiden voyage to infinity. She is radiant, riding on the crest of a white water wave. Shining. You, in all your Glory.  Beaming. Finally guiding her ashore.  You share a long awaited embrace. Greet with a kiss, to commence forever. Is that the point?

Is it, that You are quite simply...
                                          ... looking for love?

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Brian Miller said...

lovely write...another that i would love to hear...and think would be right at home in a worship service...or is the point just to love

Elaine said...

Brian, I have so many questions with few answers. However, I think you're right!

Olivia said...

I got it- you have questions! Seek inwards- oh yeah. I bet I sound like some divine guru.. lolss

I too have a few, or maybe some- nah, many. Now they don't bother hovering on my head. I just snap them and write them all down in form of a post and usually I get my answers too- while writing those down!

Loved reading this one..
Smiles xx

lightverse said...

Elaine, this was truly beautiful - and the kind of gentle words that should be heard in a service. With your question and refrain, ears are in tune with what you have to say,

Definitely a lovely exaltation,

Rogue said...

What a delicious write! Very discriptive writing here. Excellent word choices. Quite well done.

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