Monday, February 21, 2011


Monkey and me, were drinking tea
And feasting on fruit cake
But then I felt a rumble, and
The earth began to shake

"I think there's going to be a storm
So we'd better pack up"
Said Monkey "Oh, it's all my fault
I hic-cupped in my cup"

Posted for Monday's Child


Elaine said...

Not sure of the last line. I thought perhaps "I hic-ced inside my cup" Any thoughts?

Elaine said...

Or perhaps "My hic fell in my cup"

signed...bkm said... is perfect the way it not change it..the image of this little monkey hic-cupping in his quite delightful...truly enjoyed the read...thank you for posting...bkm

and Elaine you have a beautiful smile....

lightverse said...

Elaine - I see we were thinking along similar lines! Well done! And I agree with bkm - it's perfect just as it is!

Reflections said...

Such an enjoyable, fun piece... perfectly worded.

jabblog said...

Very nice - poor monkey, taking the blame :-)

Lyn said...

Very clever and it..gallant monkey!!

Sherry Irvine said...

perfect as is...the hic-cupped is way too charming xo

Anna said...

You let the little monkey start to hic-cup! I did too. Nice verse. I had been trying different solutions to this since Monday. Not so easy to get it together, but you did it!
Best wishes
Anna's Monday's Child #34

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Jingle said...

a storm coming?

what a powerful and brilliant take..
love the imagery.
you rock!

Poet Girl said...

very sweet !

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