Monday, February 28, 2011

Desert X-ing

Illustration by: Will Terry

Desert X-ing

The animals gathered around the map
Too many miles to measure
They'd searched the desert all night long
And couldn't find the treasure

Cat used up eight of his nine lives
And rabbit limped, not hopped
Chameleon could only change his mind
When suddenly they stopped

Dog paused and then he turned the map
A smile grew from his frown
"Well here's the reason, we were lost
The map is upside down"

Posted for Mondays Child


Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh; very sweet (I too do better without a map :) ).

Brian Miller said...

ha. fun little verse...yeah that changes where is my map?

Sherry Irvine said...

way cute....loved it xo

Reflections said...

Smiles... such a cute take on this one. Lovely.

signed...bkm said...

Oh a delight and the map upside down...adults and children would find fun in that...every nice Elaine...bkm

Deborah said...

Wonderfully done! :o)

Lyn said...

What a fun it!1

Jingle said...

glad to discover your talent in children's poetry.

Anna said...

Beautiful, witty poem for the prompt!
Well done!
Best wishes,
Anna's Monday's Child #35

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