Saturday, February 12, 2011



Green and serene. The colour 
of her grandchildrens eyes.
Harriet repainted the house
ten shades darker now.
Perhaps a little tainted by the
stubborn stain of the feud.

They come, always through
the tradesmens door, bearing
todays currency. Daffodils,
hyacinths and a selection
of hot pastries.
It's a fair trade.

Quite suddenly it's summer
inside the Greenhouse.
And life blooms again
full and fragrant
but all too fleeting.

Sipping sweet tea,
and drinking deep
from her memory.
Rocking in reverie
for a time,
and a time,
and a time.

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Jim Swindle said...

I had to read this several times to make sense of it, but it was worth the effort. If only those feuds could be settled for good! It seems that every family has someone who wants to create a feud and hang onto it.

Helen said...

Inside the Greenhouse ~ quite a story in there.

Jingle said...

Sipping sweet tea,
and drinking deep
from her memory...

love it, beautiful word choices and lovely lines.

Elaine said...

The Greenhouse (Harriets' home) is a place for grandchildren to visit their grandmother. A safe haven from all the family squabbles.
When the grandchildren visit, it takes Harriet back to sweeter time before the feud. She sits in her rocking chair...remembering.

Thank you for the feedback. I don't normally write poetry like this. I have a preference for rhyme.

Bee's Blog said...

Ah, how sad that feuds are not forgotten until sometimes it's too late.

Nice write

120 Socks said...

Has a really good flow to it, liked your style.

Tess Kincaid said...

The stubborn stain of the feud. Brilliant. (Not that feuds are brilliant, mind you, but your line is!)

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