Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucky Break

Lucky Break

(a limerick)

Now there once was a boy while in traction
From his learning was missing-in-action
He remarked "Why it's cool
to skip two fifths of school,
'cause I'll miss the whole unit on fractions!"

(*For lovers of wordplay : boy breaks his leg, but he's not a bit broken up about it, since he gets a long break from school and studying broken numbers...fractions! So I guess you could say he had a"Lucky Break." He's an egg-head anyway!*)

(*also approximately one third of this limerick is in italics*)

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Nanka said...

Boys will be boys! LOL! :D

Mad Kane said...

That was a lot of fun -- both the limerick and the wordplay.

I hope you'll consider participating in my weekly Limerick-Offs. They're every Monday.

So glad you stopped by.

anthonynorth said...

I used to get fractious about fractions, too :-)
Nice one.

washi said...

I love it ♥

dthaase said...

ha - this is a fabulous post!

Elaine said...

Mad Kane...I'll stop by on Monday.

Mad Kane said...


Jingle said...

cool entry.

Jingle said...

Greetings, how are you?
Your absence is missed, hope you well…
Write a free verse 4 Poets Rally, enjoy poetic friends, you are invited!

Hope to see you in,

Love your poetry talent and looking forward to a profound experience with your input.


EG Wow said...

Very clever!

Elaine said...

Thank you everyone. And Jingle...yes I'll try it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent wordplay...really enjoyed. Vb

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