Saturday, February 26, 2011


(Phillipians 4 vs 8)

It seems to me, that recently, or maybe since forever
People are rude, give attitude, when they're saying "whatever"
They roll their eyes, start acting wise, and thinking it's clever
But since I looked, inside God's book, I think I'll only ever (say)

Whatever is noble,
Whatever is true 
Now these are the "whatevers,"
 that should matter to you
Whatever is pure and
 Whatever is right
Are words to meditate upon,
 by day and by night

Whatever is lovely,
 and admirable too
It's all of these, fine qualities,
 that you must pursue
Whatever is excellent,
worthy of praise
Consider these "whatevers"
 for the rest of your days

There will be those, who will suppose, to say that you should never
Preach the who, the where, the when and why, of whatever
'Cause the rhythm and the rhymin' and the timin' aint clever
Just look them straight between the eyes, and say...
..."WHATEVER!" "God Bless you!"


happygirl said...

LOVE this. I hate hearing "whatever" from my son. I love following a blog "whatever" from a gal named Meg. She uses the Phillipians verses as here motto. Thanks for writing this. I'm going to keep this in my mind.

Elaine said...

Ditto. So many people seem to throw a "whatever" at the end of a sentence, if they don't like what you have to say. So sad!
I too like Meg's blog. I heard about her through Edie and The Nester (who doesn't seem to have a name!) Glad you liked it!

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done Elains...thanks for sharing

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