Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Portrait #1

Portrait #1

How do I paint a portrait of You?

Can I etch Your essence with a line,
Or texture You with brushstrokes fine?
What tools can delicately trace,
The complex contours of Your face?

What ink or paint can illustrate,
Your Holy 'picture perfect traits?'
No canvas can Your depth contain,
Your height too limited by frame.

How do I paint a portrait of You?

How contrast You with light and shade
How can Your glory be displayed?
What colour bold, what subtle hue
What pallate Lord, can tell of You?

How capture You so none forget
The splendor of Your silhouette?
So all who see will stop awhile
To pause and ponder Your profile.

 How do I paint a portrait of You?

(To be continued...)

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Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

"No one has ever seen God..." (John 1:18) and
yet we have "seen" Him very clearly in the
acts of love and service through the body
of believers. Sometimes I'm satisfied with
this portrait of God. Other times, not so

Brian Miller said...

if i had to i would say it is painted in your heart...then lived through your life...

emily wierenga said...

oh elaine, i know, i want to see him too. like moses on the mountain. the other day i realized, to look him fully in the face is to look fully in the face of my son, and my husband, and my neighbor, and the woman in the grocery store, and to see them: to really see them. love to you girl.

Joybird said...

lovely...I once had a teacher ask how would our prayers change if Jesus sat across the table from us. I stopped listening to her in that moment because I was so captivated by the thought of being in the same room with Him, hurtling into His arms and really seeing Him. Longing.

nic said...

i'm struck by your earnest yearning, your desire to share His glory. i think God's Spirit continues to turn a miracle in us, so that we become little portraits of Him on this earth. (mine is a flickering, broken portrait, but even that much is miraculous.)

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