Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ballad of Beelzebub

(Luke :4)

Come one, come all, come gather 'round,
The truth you'll hear me speak,
How Satan preyed upon the Lord
When He was frail and weak.

It happened in the wilderness
When after forty days
Jesus was hungry, worn and tired
Satan to Him did say...

"Now if you are the Son of God
As I believe You've said,
Then why not take this very stone
And turn it into bread."

Said Jesus "I've no need for food
So you can keep the stone,
For man lives by the Word of God
And not by bread alone."

So Satan scratched his head and said
"Come Jesus, follow me,
I've wonders that will thrill Your eyes,
There's much for You to see."

"Look at this splendor all around
The glories that You see
Are Yours to have and even more
If You will worship me."

"But it is written" Jesus said
"To worship God alone
To love Him with your heart and soul,
And bow before His throne"

Satan perplexed and growing vexed
The cunning, crafty liar,
Made one last stand, took Jesus hand
And led Him even higher.

"Throw Yourself down from here on high
For God Himself will put
His guardian angels all around
You will not strike Your foot"

Then Jesus shook His head and sighed
"Satan will you not rest,
For it is written as you know
Don't put God to the test"

So finally the Devil ceased
"Lord, I bid you adieu
But I'll be back some other day
I'm not yet done with You."

Then angels came to tend the Lord,
And Satan did retreat.
And Jesus stood in victory
The Devil in defeat.

The same is true today as then
For you have seen and heard
How every battle can be won
When you fight with God's Word.


Jim Swindle said...

Thanks for leading me to this poem. You This poem has rhythm, rhyme, structure and theology. I think I'd rework the 11th stanza, 2nd line. I'm not sure Satan would ever willingly call Jesus Lord--though he might, with sarcasm. Maybe you just need a second set of quotes around the word "Lord," to indicate that. Or maybe something like "I'm still not done with You,/No, I'll be back some other day./My lies will be all new."

Please do keep writing, whenever the Lord enables you to do it.

Elaine said...

Thank you Jim, and thankyou for the advice. I'll have a think about rearranging the 11th stanza.

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