Thursday, January 13, 2011

The 'Failure' to-do list.

I have a 'to-do' list. It's called '44 before 45' and you can find it under the same title in my previous blog entries. I also have another list. It's almost exactly the same as the first one. Except it has one additional item. Item  #35..."Don't do any of the above." I think I'll call that list, my 'Failure to-do list.' It could also be called my: 'Dont do,' my 'Not gonna do,' my 'Unlikely to-do,' or my 'Never going to-do' list. You get the idea!

I always seem to wait for the best time, or a better time or the right time to do something. Then I seem to run out of time and energy and get nothing done at all. This doesn't help me to achieve anything worthwhile or meaningful in life.


Presently it's 3.15 am, and for purely practical reasons I cannot do some of the items on my list. But there may be one or two things I could try. Okay, so #29 - Sleep in 'til noon? Nice thought, but the insomnia has taken care of that one for me. I could try #34 - Memorize Psalm 45, but that would put me to sleep. I do want to go to  sleep, but not when I'm memorizing scripture. What a dilema!
How about  #31 - 'Become a better blogger' and  #28 -'Take a bath by candlelight'? Well, I'm  blogging right now (am I better at it? I'll let you decide) and the bath by candlelight may make me sleepy. In fact, I might even fall asleep in the bath!

Procrastination...this time you're going to have to wait. I have things to do. Right now. To do? To done. Ta dah!

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