Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Of Note

It happened today...BOOM!!!  My blogging balloon just burst.  A mere two weeks into active blogging and now I'm sitting at my computer completely...deflated. So, you're probably wondering what could have possibly happened to puncture my new found passion. Well I tell you what happened.  Three little words placed squarely on one of the tabs of the dashboard page happened . The offending articles..."Blog of Note"

You see in my naivete, I thought I was just blogging, and that perhaps a faithful few would follow the path of my pen. I had no idea that there were millions of bloggers and even more blogs out there in cyberspace. And that the powers that be, routinely come crashing through the computer screen to tell you that you're noteworhy enough to be given an award.

I mean, let's face it...this is not just any award. Blog of Note is like the Oscars of Blogging. I'd be lying if I said I don't want my blog to be noticed. That would be like all of the academy nominees saying "I'm just happy to be nominated." Nonsense. I want to be noticed. And now that I know there's an award, I want one too. But what are my chances? Slim to not likely if you ask me. Especially since I only have a following of three. One of them being myself.

Of course I'd love for my writing to resonate with someone, anyone...and yes, definately the people in blogsphere who take 'note' of such things. But alas, everything I write here could be written by better writers, blogged by better bloggers and penned by better poets. So for now...I'll just dream,  rehearse my acceptance speech and leave my ballon pump in the garage!

The chances are somewhat remote
They'll come to read what I once wrote
How from my laptop I would gloat
If I'm awarded " Blog Of Note"

                           Becoming                     Better              Everyday (at)
                           Expressing                   Life's                Virtual
                           Stories                         Online              Eventually.
                           Transmitting (the)          Globe (with)      Rewards

Above is a cross acrostic poem. Read it horizontally and then read the hidden message vertically using the first letter of each word.


Brenna said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling deflated. I think your blog is one of note! Love the cross accrostic, I've never heard of those before. :)

Elaine said...

Thank you Brenna. I've been researching and experimenting with different poetry forms, 'cause I tend to get stuck doing the same 4 lined stanza with end rhyme on lines 2 and 4. My favourite is in the post "Left to Write" where there is a word hidden in a step pattern down through the poem. It's challenging, but fun too.

Olivia said...

I tracked you down lady? Right?
Well you left a nice word for me and without your URL- so I couldn't trackback immediately. But I did after all.. :)

Elaine, I had no idea about this award.. hmmm, I want it too!!

Don't worry about this phase.. This keeps coming n going. Like it checked in on me nowadays. You see, I too experienced a similar thing and had gone into some sort of depression. I would stay awake all night to write and get my ideas across. I mean in form of posts.

Lady, you are doing just fine.
Loads of wishes
Hugs xoxoxox

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