Saturday, January 8, 2011

44 before 45

Numerically speaking, we all know that 44 comes before 45. Presently I am 44 years old and will turn 45 on May 27th 2011. Here are 44 things that I am going to do BEFORE I turn 45. This idea came from my new faraway friend Edie Rudder Wadsworth, a most remarkable woman.
If you scroll down you will see that there are only 34 items on the list. That's because 40 is the new 30, so by default I have 10 less to do. (Phew!) Here's to setting goals, making a list (publically) and then putting a big fat check mark through each item when it's done!!!

  1. To clear, clean and organize the basement.
  2. To paint the office. By myself.
  3. Make shortbread.
  4. Ski a Black Diamond run at Dagmar.
  5. Do a grocery shop of at least 10 items, with coupons!
  6. Sleep downstairs in a tent with my children.
  7. Make homemade meatballs.
  8. Take my children out for breakfast, before school.
  9. Complete a Cross Stitch
  10. Make a clock.
  11. Take an icy cold shower.
  12. Have my Goddaughter over for a sleepover (mom may need to stay too!)
  13. Make a pineapple upside down cake.
  14. Let Roger take me up in the Cessna 172, and keep my eyes OPEN
  15. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" from start to finish and stay awake
  16. Finish the Hunger Games trilogy
  17. Write a Cross-acrostic poem. A good one.
  18. Tell my children " I love you" at least once a day.
  19. Have a chick flick all nighter.
  20. Make fudge.
  21. Go to IKEA and actually enjoy the experience.
  22. Read a Nora Roberts novel.
  23. Write a Keep Forever Love Letter to my nearest and dearest.
  24. Watch Hachi without crying.
  25. Go Rock Climbing at the indoor climb centre.
  26. Sled down "Suicide Slope" (if I die doing this, then I can't complete the list!)
  27. Don't pluck out another grey hair until age 45 (except the eyebrows)
  28. Take a bath by candlelight.
  29. Sleep in until noon.
  30. Cross-cut left in skating.
  31. Become a better blogger.
  32. Run a sub 30 min 5km (okay that's stretching it...maybe 32 min.)
  33. Play a duet on the piano with Elliot.
  34. Memorize Psalm 45 ('cause I'm turning 45.)

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