Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Thankfulness. Day 7

Day 7: Light.

Christmas Lights. They're everywhere.

I love walking through my neigbourhood at night during the Holdiday Season
Almost every home is covered in beautiful Christmas Lights
And I'm thankful for them.

I will stand shivering for hours just so I can look at the lights.
I hardly notice that it's cold when I'm standing next
to a soft warm glow.

 Last night I stood outside my neighbours house, trying to get a perfect
picture of his incredible lights for you to see, 'cause you really
 have to see it to believe it. However my photography skills are non existant
 and my camera is pretty cheap, so now you'll just have to imagine
how lovely they are
And they are.

I was out this morning for a run, and his lights were still on.
Yet somehow during the day, they didn't look like
 very much at all. In fact, I barely
even noticed them.

I guess you need the dark to appreciate the light.

Can you imagine a world without light?

We've all experienced a power outage and huddled
 around a candle, amazed that one flame
  can light up a whole room.

One flame.

There will always be darkness in this world.
There will always be dark times.
But if you carry the light inside
 who can put it out?

The seasonal lights remind me of what I need to be.
A bright and shining light.
Not just for a few weeks in December
but every single day

Shining not just through the good times,
but during the dark times too, for
that is when people will
really see the light.

I should be reflecting the light of God
 in my eyes, my smile, my words
my actions, my thoughts
and in my life.

I need to shine.

I am so thankful for the beautiful lights this Christmas Season.
but once they've gone, the light inside
 will still glow.


...because "the light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has never put it out"

What's Playing:

In the Kitchen:
Butternut Squash Soup
(no cream...the light version)

On the Music Player:
Let there Be Light: Point of Grace
Light a Candle: Avalon

In my Heart:
Luke 8:16
"No one who has lit a lamp covers it or hides it under a bed, but
sets it upon a stand, that those who enter
may see the light"


Brian Miller said...

nice...i think the dark has its place...and it gives a place for the light to shine the brightest for sure...and i love christmas lights too..

Kath said...

that picture of your neighbour's yard is great.
and i like how it lead to so much thought about light. Christmas really is the light coming into the world, isn't it. bless you.

Naomi Rachelle said...

Love the photo...love the sentiment...really appreciate the acknowledgement. This one resonates with me...you often put my feelings into words and I was eagerly awaiting Day 7...it was worth the wait! I will try to remember this each day, especially in the darker moments.

emily wierenga said...

wow, incredible lights. and i love this analogy--the light needing the dark.

supersistershaz said...

tell mum and dad that im going to get a tree tommorrow from sainsburys or maybe poundstretcher it wont be real and it will be small but its about the sum of xmas 2011,,,, im loving yours and living it vicariously (spell??)) supersistershaz x

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