Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Thankfulness. Day 6

Day 6: Writing:

I'm not sure, but I think I might just be a writer

And I'm thankful for that.

 I'm not a writer because I have a blog
Or even because I've written some poetry
Nor even because I written many Christmas Plays.

Those things don't make me a writer, any more than sleeping in a garage would make me a car.

 It's something way more simple than that.

Something that happened twice yesterday and once today.

Yesterday two friends asked what I would be writing about today. And one friend told me
she was enjoying my 12 Days of Thankfulness Series.

That's it.

Now I know to you it may not seem like much
But to me it's HUGE.

That someone is interested in what I have to say
And then waiting for what comes next
Is powerful

Truth be told, there wasn't going to be a Day 6.
Not because I'm not thankful.
I am.
But because I didn't think anyone was interested.
Without feedback you don't know what to think
I usually think the worst

I know people read my blog. There are stats to tell me how many people view my page.
But when you get 70 people who read it and no comments
It can be a little discouraging.

But what I say does matter to someone.
 It matters to my three friends.
It matters to God.

And so I'll keep letting my thoughts
Flow through my pen.

"Yesterday I had a thought
And pondered it for quite some time
I twisted words around inside
And tried so hard to make them rhyme

The words would not come easily
I worked with them both day and night
Because it means so much to me
That you might read, what I might write"


I'm thankful that I can write...and that people care to read it.

What's Playing:

In the Kitchen:
Chicken Soup with Alphabet Pasta.

On the Music Player:
Go Tell it on the Mountain: Steven Curtis Chapman

In My Heart:
Colossions 4:6
"Let your words be full of grace, seasoned with salt"

And remember...


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i am glad that you had those friends that validated you...it is discouraging at times to not hear from others when you write...

you know the first year i blogged i had very few people that actually stopped in....then it went crazy...smiles...but you know what if one person needed it...i would still write even if no one commented....

keep writing...

supersistershaz said...

now that ive worked out how to answer on this new tech stuff i will be commenting lots and lots..
i know why you write and also know more than most how extraordinarily talented you are so dont stop ...ever xxx supersistershaz xx

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