Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Thankfulness. Day 10

Day 10: Feet.

Okay, forget what I said before in a previous post about never showing a picture of my feet.
I've had to do a 360 on this one.

Since I'm doing a theme on Thankfulness, and today I'm giving thanks for my feet, it stands
to reason that I would take a picture of them doesn't it? I have all my toenails!

So here they are.  My feet. And I'm so thankful for them.

Five years ago I began an incredible journey. It started the day I put on a pair of running shoes
 My life has never been the same. When I say a journey, I'm not talking about the
the places I have been to. The 5000 or so kilometres that I have logged
 have come mostly from running around my own neighbourhood 
No. This journey is about the people who I have met
 Each one of them is so very different.
 Yet we share one thing in common...
 Our feet.

Yesterday, I met two friends for coffee. We giggled like high school girls. As though we've known one another forever. It was such a sweet time. And it would never have happened if it wasn't
for running.

Running has helped me discover things about myself. Given me a lot more self confidence.
I'm more disciplined and focused. I'm more likely to try new things and take risks. And I
work at lot harder in all areas of my life. Running has made me feel as though there
 isn't anything I cannot achieve.

But perhaps most importantly, running has helped me manage my depression. I haven't had to
take "happy pills" since I started running. Sure, I still have down days, but I can
cope a lot better now. Guess you could call them "Happy Feet"!

Today, I put on my running shoes and a Santa Suit. I joined 4000 other pairs of happy feet.
I placed a race chip one foot,a jingle bell on the other, and then
ran through the streets of Burlington, Ontario.
Jingling all the way.

As runners, we're always concerned about time. Even when we say it isn't about time, it still is.
We want to be fast, faster, fastest. But today's race was really just about having a
good time (fun) as opposed to having a good time (being faster).

Feet, thank you for introducing me to some of the most inspiring people I could ever hope to meet.
You deserve a foot soak and a massage.
Coming right up!

*Footnote. And just so you know...I was faster. By 49 seconds. Happy Feet indeed!*
*Special thanks to Carey, Jean, Cathy and Elizabeth,
for running with me in person and in spirit*

What's Playing:

In the Kitchen:
Pizza Hut Delivery. Too tired from running and running around.

In the Music Player:
Jingle Bells: Diana Krall

In my Heart:
Hebrews 12 v1
"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus..."

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