Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow Day

A don't wanna sit down day
A let's paint the town day
A get up and go day
Hooray - it's a snow day

 A do as we please day
Who cares if we freeze day?
A no place to go day
Why work - it's a snow day

A play on the drive day
A glad I'm alive day
Don't go with the flow day
Stay out - it's a snow day

Turn your frown upside down day
An act like a clown day
A put on a show day
Make men out of snow day

It's a family fun day
A who needs the sun day?
A lets grab a sled day
Go down hill instead day

 So, "Hakuna Matata"
No worries, just laughter
Whatever comes your way day
Celebrate - it's a snow day

Thankful for the 12 cm of packing snow. Good times.


happygirl said...

We had an inch fall the night before last. It coated every twig on the trees and sparkled in the sunlight of the morning. It was as if it knew it was doomed to disappear on that 60 degree day. I love a snow day. I don't like to shovel.

happygirl said...

For some reason, you do not show up in my dashboard anymore. Do you know why this is?

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