Friday, February 10, 2012

A Season of Friendship.

Four Season Painting: Luiza Vizoli

I paused and I pondered
Reflected with reason
Why every friendship
Is much like a season

There are cycles to all things
Friends come and they go
When compared to the seasons
 I've now come to know

~ - ~ - ~

Quite often a friendship
Reminds me of Spring
It blossoms and grows
With the new life it brings

While others, like Summer
Are enduring and long
Through storms and the heat
Somehow still remain strong

~ - ~ - ~

Some friends burst with colour
Like an autumn display
'Til cool winds of change
Cause a falling away

Winter friendships turn cold
We may never know why
Become distant and frozen
And eventually die 

~ - ~ - ~

To friends who are constant
Steadfast and true
I will try to be both
 Spring and Summer to you

But sadly, some friendships
Are not meant to last
I take comfort, like seasons
These too soon shall pass

*Please note: I think all seasons are beautiful, and every friendship can add 
some meaning to your life*

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