Thursday, February 23, 2012

Late for Lent

I'm late, I'm late....for a very important date.

It's Ash Wednesday. The first day of Lent. And I (almost) missed it.

How? It's on the calendar. It's like a red letter day. For Christians, that's right up there with
 Christmas and Easter.

Lent. The forty day period leading up to Easter. A period of fasting or abstinence.
 A period of self-sacrifice.

It's observed by some faiths and religions. It's observed by people who say they are not religious.
Some are more religious about it than others. Some even go as far as to spend time in
prayer and fasting deciding exactly what to abstain from.
I however never even gave it a second thought. 
Until right now. And it's almost over.

Lateness is the theme of my life. I race around like the White Rabbit. Always running. Always late.

So this afternoon, after a morning of running around, I sat down for a while at my computer. First I checked my mail,  then I read a few blog posts, then went onto facebook. And as I was staring 
at the blinking screen, it stared back at me.
 And there was the answer 
to my tardiness.

My laptop is a distraction. A big distraction. My biggest distraction

I turn it on to send an email, or write a blog post, or read other blogs , or go onto facebook,
 and before you know it I've spent an hour or two or three...  
...and then I'm late.

I'm tired of being late. It's exhausting.

It needs to stop and a big part of stopping it will be to rid myself of distractions.

So I made a decision. I'm not going  to "give up" the computer during Lent, but just to use it later. Much later. After 6pm. When I've done everything else that I want or need to do. I may be a little late 
responding to emails and messages. I  may miss birthdays on facebook. I'm sorry.
 If I miss yours I'll  be sure to send you a belated message.

I'm posting this now because I had problems all day yesterday with blogger.
 And now it goes OFF.



Judy said...

I am with you Elaine...only I'm trying to do it in the morning and then do my work..I like having my breakfast with checking my email and facebook...then I go down my "list" of things to do....including walking Mugsy for at least an hour...then facebook ...then supper..working for me soo far. :)

Tina said...

I hate feeling late too. The day escapes me too often, your post has encouraged me to take the opportunity this season brings to do better.

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