Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go The Distance

I know I can go the distance
Though the road ahead is long
Seeing you in the horizon
Makes me feel, I too am strong

I know I can go the distance
Though a hill I have to climb
When you gently come beside me
And you whisper "take your time"

I know I can go the distance
Though each step I take is tough
Your words challenge and encourage
When I've simply had enough

Yes I know I'll go the distance
I will make it to the end
And I'm thankful that you take the time
To run with me, my friend.

For Carey
and my "ATB" running friends
Thank you


happygirl said...

Having a partner makes going the distance a bit easier. I was encouraged by this one. :)

Elaine said...

Yes it does. My friends are mostly in front of me, a few are by my side and fewer still are behind me, but they are there...and that's what matters.

Mrs.B said...

That's awesome. Such encouragement!

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