Wednesday, January 11, 2012

when it all comes down ...there are memories

Why are people in such a hurry to take everything down?

Today after bible study I went to do some grocery shopping and buy a birthday card.

I turned into the card aisle to be greeted by a sea of red and pink. Valentines Day cards are here. And some Easter cards too for that matter. And here I was thinking I might get a Christmas Card or two on sale.

Phew, they got rid of the holidays in a hurry.

I got home and saw the two Christmas wreaths on the door; and the reindeer; and the snowmen

 And I didn't want to go inside, because today is the day I've designated to take down my Christmas decorations (collective gasp from the readers)
"They're not down yet?" ;"The tweflth day of Christmas was Jan 6th! ";"I think it's bad luck to keep them up for this long" 

 To that I say Pfft!

I like to linger and enjoy the good times. I really enjoyed Christmas this year. I did more than I normally do, because my parents were coming. And I went a little overboard with the decorating. My friend Elizabeth loaned me a some decorations (that I probably didn't need, but boy did they ever look nice) I'm just not ready to take them down, partly because of the memories, but mostly because it will be a lot of hard work. Tearing down will be a enormous task. My front room looks like a scene from hoarders.

 Instead of going inside to take everything down I stayed outstide and put something up.

We only have a handful of snow here right now. Normally at this time of year, we're buried under mountains of it. And wiith the unseasonably warm temperatures, I'm not sure we'll get anymore snow anytime soon

So, with my groceries melting on the doorstep, I stayed outside and built a miniature snowman. By myself (i wonder what the neighbours thought). But it was fun. And it will make for a good memory when I'm old (well, older because, according to my children I'm already old)

I think my snowman is great. Like most good things he won't last very long.
 Especially in these temperatures.

But when he melts at least there will always be...

...the memories.

(Now I'm going inside to take the decorations down. Well, perhaps later. Or maybe tomorrow)

*btw...this is not my snowman, because I couldn't find my camera, because it's buried under a ton of Christmas stuff, that I've yet to put away*


Brenna said...

I hear you! I feel like being in a hurry to take everything down put too much pressure on an already pressured house since the kids are home from school and we're trying to recover from an onslaught of gifts we've given each other and been given by extended family. It's a big job just to recover from that let alone take everything down all at once. This year I didn't do it! I have very slowly been taking the smaller things and putting the away. The tree is up, the wreath is on the front door and we still have little things around the house as well. Athough that being said I am excited for Valentine's Day, too! :) I'm kind of a dork about and I get excited easily!!! :)

P.S. You are too funny. There is NO WAY your house looks like an episode of hoarders!

happygirl said...

I like the snowman very much. And, I'm glad he's at your house and not mine. As far as the store and Christmas... well they've been celebrating since mid-October, so I guess they feel they've done their bit. As for me, I've still got half of the stuff to put away. This will happen Saturday. :)

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