Tuesday, July 19, 2011

black sheep white lie

you're a black sheep
tellin' a white lie
bleachin' your wool
tryin' to get by
a blanket of snow
to go with the flow
but inside the flock
you pull away
cause it's knitted
in your DNA
you're a black sheep
have you forgotten
you'll never be
100% cotton
so break the mold
free the fold
'cause deep inside
the others wish
they were more
like you and 
a lot less


Libby said...

Hi Elaine, love this poem, love the rhythm and the meaning, Libby @Libbypoetry

Brian Miller said...

smiles. yes at times...nice flow to this...

percyfreemanjr.com said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! The rhythm the meaning you have captured something really amazing in this poem if only we all could be our true selves!

Andy said...

Great way to put the message across, Elaine.

Nice to see you for dVerse's opening!

Sheila Moore said...

oh, this is very entertaining. I love it.

Mama Zen said...

Great rhythm and flow to this!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Delightfully whimsical, Elaine!

Kim Nelson said...

Gives me a little bit of appreciation for all the members of the fold, Elaine.

lightverse said...

Elaine - wow. Just. Wow. This poem gives me something to think about today.

Brenna said...

Checking to see if this works...

Brenna said...

Yay!!! Thank-you Elaine!!! :) :) :) As Imentioned earlier...I really like this!

Mad Kane said...

Very clever and entertaining poem!

Mad Kane

Mad Kane said...

I just re-read it. It still makes me laugh.

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