Wednesday, October 19, 2011

she runs

she started a journey
of discovery
in part to belong
and in part to break free
but now she's becoming
the best she can be
when she runs

she's a beautiful mystery
no one can understand
lovely as any woman
and strong as any man
never tell her she can't
'cause she'll show you she can
when she runs

she'll run to the fullest
never just in part
and if her legs grow weary
she'll run with her heart
'cause she'll always finish
anything that she starts
when she runs

with passion in her lungs
and fire in her feet
she takes step after step,
to compete to complete
til she crosses the line
to taste victory sweet
when she runs

she's courage and drive
and determination
she pure inspiration
and raw motivation
to a face in the crowd, or a passerby
who stands in awe and wonders why
she runs

To every "she" that runs with me. Thank you.


Tina said...

That's a beautiful poem. It brought to my mind the self-satisfaction one has after a good run, coupled with the strength of womanhood.

Mad Kane said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

Madeleine Begun Kane

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